Happy New Year from Fincham Press

Fincham Press has had a most eventful year. We’ve published more than ever, grown in size with the addition of our new Editorial Assistant, and expanded our output with the launch of two new academic journals.

Every year, we aim to improve our contribution to our students; to assist in their work, and to show it to the world. In April we took our third anthology, Purple Lights, to the streets to share it with the public. We left 100 copies around London, for new, unsuspecting readers to enjoy, and encouraging the lucky finders to spot a printing/production error in order to win a prize (a free copy of our backlog of anthologies, or an editorial consultation on their work). At day’s end, all the books had new owners, as could be seen in our Twitter-feed (which has never been busier), and our writers’ work had made their way into new minds.

In May we expanded with the launch of two new journals: RoundTable and The International Journal of James Bond Studies (JBS). RoundTable is a student-run peer-review journal which publishes creative and critical work by postgraduate students and early career researchers within Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, and English Literature. JBS is the first ever academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to interdisciplinary research and reviews on all aspects of the James Bond franchise. At Fincham, we are committed to content and form, but also to the process of publishing, and these journals provide work for students and staff within every stage of that process.

Finally, in December, we launched our forth student anthology, The Unseen. Our readers showed up fresh and brave, and entertained us past the point where the food and wine ran out. It was our most attended launch to date, so we would like to thank you all for coming – we are thrilled to have shared it with you, and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Check out some photos from the event on Instagram.

From all of us at Fincham, thanks for reading, and have a Happy New Year!

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