The Rook: What We Build Up – Coming Soon!

Mark your calendars! What We Build Up, Fincham Press’s next creative writing anthology in The Rook series, featuring entirely student work, launches 11 June 2022. 

Cultural miscommunications, breakdowns between friends and lovers, the chemical crush of a date rape drug, these are results of build-ups. 

But the same is true in reverse. Laughing at the coked-out man with soft hands, feeling the wind on your face at Crescent Lake, and smiling at a constellation of freckles, these are the results of build-ups too.

Relationships are built up from character and choice. Personality traits are gradually stockpiled atop one another to create something meaningful and special. The Rook is the stockpiled results of Creative Writing and Publishing students’ creativity and personal industry. The Rook is what we build up. 

So as you read the stories and poems ahead, ask yourself: what are you building up?

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