The Rook: Citizens of Nowhere

This journalism anthology, edited by John Doyle and Juan Pérez González, is published in autumn 2018.

Book cover (detail)
Book cover (detail)

Lost souls, hidden places and marginal spaces appear throughout this collection of journalism from current and former students of the University of Roehampton.

Our writers tell true tales of disappearance and disaster, rebirth and renewal, life and love, whether they are set in vibrant English cities or the more sinister settlements of Albion; the cacophonous streets of Havana or the blissed-out beaches of Bali; the grand cities of mainland Europe or the sweet-scented islands of the Mediterranean.

These stories explore shape-shifting identities and places lost in time. Our writers tell us something about what it means to be a young citizen in the twenty-first century. They are citizens of the world, traversing land and sea, and trying to find a place they can call their own. A place called Nowhere.