This new peer-reviewed journal, published by and for postgraduate students, features a unique mix of creative, critical, and academic work in the fields of Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, and English Literature.

The first issue of RoundTable – edited by PhD researchers Denise Saul, Sinéad Moriarty, and Anne Malewski – is dedicated to the theme of ‘Journey’ and includes articles on the impact of modern technology on adolescents within Young Adult fiction; the celebration of ‘sheroes’ who subvert the conventional ‘heroic’ journey; creative journeys into nursery noir and the imaginary forests of W. S. Graham and Bryan Wynter; and a look at how video games have tackled cultural stereotypes through gameplay.

The issue also features an interview with David Rudd, former Professor of Children’s Literature and Director of the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature at the University of Roehampton. In his first interview since retirement, Rudd offers intriguing insights into his own ‘academic journey’ and wider reflections on Children’s Literature and higher education.

RoundTable has a life beyond its pages and is invested in fostering an international community for postgraduate and early career researchers who are curious about research and practice beyond discipline boundaries. Its international scope is reflected in the range of contributions.

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