Issue 2 of The International Journal of James Bond Studies – now available

The International Journal of James Bond Studies logo designed by Rudolf Ammann

The Spring 2018 issue of The International Journal of James Bond Studies is now available online. This issue of the open-access research journal features articles and reviews on all things 007, including an exploration of the geopolitical function of Bond’s train journeys, the relationship between Bond and pirate culture, and the franchise’s use of extreme sports.


Journal editor Dr Ian Kinane says: ‘We’re delighted to publish our second issue of the journal with Fincham Press and to further develop research in the field of James Bond Studies. Within the Department of English and Creative Writing at the University of Roehampton, The International Journal of James Bond Studies continues to enhance our provision of research and teaching in popular literature and culture.’

The journal welcomes submissions on any aspect of the James Bond franchise. Submissions for the second volume are now open!

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Fincham Press titles now available at The Hive!

campus poster hive
Fincham Press at The Hive: poster by Rudolf Ammann

We are pleased to officially announce that you can now buy Fincham Press titles at The Hive Café! The Hive Café is run by RSU and is situated in the heart of Digby Stuart College at the University of Roehampton.

The café serves fair trade coffee and food, as well as food grown on-campus through the Growhampton scheme. Fincham Press contributor and Hive employee Brad Cohen said that ‘the Hive Café is excited to support the local authors of Roehampton through stocking the Fincham Press anthologies. If you, like us, prefer your coffee with a side of literature, then come and pick up a copy.’

In short, The Hive is an ideal place to check out the entire Fincham Press catalogue!


The Rook: new journal for nonfiction stories

The Rook: masthead

The Rook anthology is a new collection of experimental and literary journalism that showcases innovative forms of non-fiction storytelling.

Why The Rook? Roehampton derives from the Old English, “the homestead of the rook”. Communal by nature, the Corvus frugilegus roosts in great numbers across our campus.

Propitiously, a gathering of rooks can be called a parliament, a clamour, or a storytelling. Rooks form a circle, in the middle of which a solitary bird caws, as if telling a story.

Our first anthology explores the theme “Citizens of Nowhere”. We are interested in submissions that explore Citizenship, National Identities, Place and Space, in response to the wider questions raised by Brexit, but we also want to extend the parameters of the debate. Possible submissions could include reportage from Brexitland, features on global citizenship or polemics on space and place. We are open to all subjects and submissions that respond to the theme.

We are calling for contributions from all of our university communities. Staff, students and alumni are encouraged to submit unpublished journalism of between 500 and 5000 words by September 1 2017 May 21, 2018.

We are open to submissions that explore the boundaries of journalism and encourage experimentation with form. We only ask for accuracy, veracity, and most of all, originality.

The Rook aims to build a community of lively writers from our corner of London.

Please respond to our call! Send an email to:

John Doyle – j.a.doyle (at)
Juan Perez-Gonzalez – j.perez-gonzalez (at)

Anthology #5: Call for submissions (Roehampton alumni only)


It’s that time of year when Fincham Press start compiling the new anthology of student work. This time, as well as our usual call-out to the present student body we are seeking submissions from University of Roehampton alumni to celebrate our fifth year as a press. We will accept most forms including flash fiction, novel extracts, poetry, creative nonfiction, and short screenplays. For examples of our previous collections, please visit our catalogue.

Submission guidelines

This call is open to alumni of the University of Roehampton’s Creative Writing programme only. There is no specific theme for this anthology, and we are open to all genres.

Please submit only one piece for our consideration; the exceptions are flash fiction and poetry, where multiple pieces may be submitted but must not exceed the maximum word count as outlined below.

There is no minimum word count, however please bear in mind these maximum word counts for specific forms:

  • Short stories – 2500 words
  • Nonfiction and novel excerpts – 5000 words
  • Flash fiction – multiple stories allowed, but together should be no more than 1000 words in total
  • Screenplays – 15 pages
  • Poetry – 10 pages

All submissions should be double-spaced and set in 12pt Times New Roman or rough equivalent. The title of the work should be set in capital letters; please do not underline the title.

You should include a coversheet with your submission. This must include your name, the year you graduated from Creative Writing at Roehampton, and a contact e-mail and postal address.

All submissions should be sent as word-processed documents (.odt or .docx) with a brief covering email to If you are submitting concrete poetry or anything experimental in terms of form and layout, please also provide screenshots in addition to the word-processed document.

The deadline for alumni submissions is 10am on Sunday 25 March 2018. Any submissions received after this time will not be considered for publication.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Publishing Assistant Veslemøy Stavdahl if you have any questions.

Thank you, and happy writing!

Get involved – Review The Unseen

The Unseen cover detail, remixed

As we are all thrust into 2018, so too do we at Fincham find ourselves thrust into production. With our sights set on the upcoming fifth anthology, we are looking for reviewers to give us their verdict on The Unseen following its official launch in December. Your opinions will help us to make this year’s anthology better yet.

Whether you are a literary critic, work for a magazine, or you have a blog, website or even a vlog, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested in reviewing The Unseen, please contact Managing Editor Charlotte Byrne with details of your publication or links to previous reviews. All reviews will receive a special mention on our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages, so this would be a great opportunity to attract new followers.

Of course, you do not need to be an active reviewer to get involved. If you have read The Unseen, you can always leave us a few words about your experience on Amazon or GoodReads. After all, it is the opinions of our readers that we prize most of all.

Happy New Year from Fincham Press

Fincham Press has had a most eventful year. We’ve published more than ever, grown in size with the addition of our new Editorial Assistant, and expanded our output with the launch of two new academic journals.

Every year, we aim to improve our contribution to our students; to assist in their work, and to show it to the world. In April we took our third anthology, Purple Lights, to the streets to share it with the public. We left 100 copies around London, for new, unsuspecting readers to enjoy, and encouraging the lucky finders to spot a printing/production error in order to win a prize (a free copy of our backlog of anthologies, or an editorial consultation on their work). At day’s end, all the books had new owners, as could be seen in our Twitter-feed (which has never been busier), and our writers’ work had made their way into new minds.

In May we expanded with the launch of two new journals: RoundTable and The International Journal of James Bond Studies (JBS). RoundTable is a student-run peer-review journal which publishes creative and critical work by postgraduate students and early career researchers within Creative Writing, Children’s Literature, and English Literature. JBS is the first ever academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to interdisciplinary research and reviews on all aspects of the James Bond franchise. At Fincham, we are committed to content and form, but also to the process of publishing, and these journals provide work for students and staff within every stage of that process.

Finally, in December, we launched our forth student anthology, The Unseen. Our readers showed up fresh and brave, and entertained us past the point where the food and wine ran out. It was our most attended launch to date, so we would like to thank you all for coming – we are thrilled to have shared it with you, and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Check out some photos from the event on Instagram.

From all of us at Fincham, thanks for reading, and have a Happy New Year!

The gift of insight: Tova Näslund and Charlie-Anne Butterworth

For this holiday period, Selcouth Station have given us the gift of insight. They continue their series on new writers with interviews with two of The Unseen‘s contributors.

The Unseen cover detail

Tova Näslund is the author of “Month of the Rot”, a novel extract featuring in The Unseen. In her interview, she discusses characterisation, role-playing games, and her creative process.

Charlie-Anne Butterworth’s light SF story “Rachel” is the second piece in the anthology. She discusses genre, being published for the first time, and her current project in her interview.

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Two days to go: get involved with The Unseen

There are only two days left until the official launch of The Unseen, but there is still time for you to get involved!

The Unseen launch wayfinder

The conversation is happening on Twitter – get talking about your favourite pieces, authors, and your thoughts about the launch using #unseenlaunch. What are you expecting? Will our authors reveal the unseen? Or will it all remain hidden?

If you have already uncovered the secrets within The Unseen, please feel free to share your feelings by giving us a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Share it with us, and the world!

Finally, do not forget that there is still time for you to register your interest in the launch. You can do this by visiting the event page, or sending an email to

We look forward to seeing you there!

Six days to go: interview with Arun Jeetoo

With six days left until the official launch of The Unseen, we are keen to keep you updated with news of our writers.

book cover (detail)
The Unseen book cover (detail)

Selcouth Station have once again tracked one of our authors down to quiz: this time, Arun Jeetoo discusses prose poetry, horror, and creative practice. His piece ‘Birdman’ appears in the anthology.

You will be able to meet our writers as they reveal The Unseen at the launch. In the meantime, why not join the conversation on Twitter using the official hashtag #unseenlaunch, or visit us on Facebook?